About me

Sewing and craftwork have always been a part of my life.

I grew up in Australia. There was always a sewing machine perched on the end of the dining room table.  My mother was a dressmaker and as young teenagers my sister and I were sent to dressmaking college for several years to learn to sew.

I developed a passion for fabrics, then shoes and handbags!

When I was first married we took a posting to the Middle East.   The fabrics I found in the local markets and shops were so beautiful and so different to what I had seen before.  So I started collecting.

One day I needed a bag to go with a dress but was unable to find one.  I decided to make it.  And I’ve been making purses and bags ever since.

I love to make each bag different.  I love knowing they are all unique.  In my workroom there is fabric and haberdashery from many of the places I have lived or travelled and I use them in the bags that I make today.